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As we are still experiencing some fairly chilly temperatures outside, you may find your skin is feeling dry, dehydrated and in need of a good feed.
Below are 3 fantastic facials to help combat these issues, and each include a special bonus!

1. La Clinica Hydra Restore Facial

This beautiful hot oil infusion mask treatment will rejuvenate, nourish & fortify your skin. A unique skin repair system made of plant stem cell complexes and antioxidant rich oils relieves your skin of dehydration, dryness & plumps wrinkles. Perfect for this time of year while beautifully relaxing at the same time.
BONUS - receive a complimentary Glycolic Peel to help deeply exfoliate the skin from within.
$90 75 mins

2. La Clinica Microdermabrasion Facial

This non-invasive, skin refining treatment incorporates microdermabrasion manual exfoliation, a mini-peel mask and 15% glycolic peel. Recommended weekly to assist to minimise appearance of pores, skin coarseness, pigmentation and wrinkles. Helps control blackheads, blemishes and works to remove the build up of dry skin that we experience during this time of year.
BONUS - receive a complimentary foot scrub and massage so you'll feel treated from head to toe!
$75 60 mins

3. Firming Lift Biomimetic Restructuring Facial

This facial is a highly active skin restructuring treatment to strengthen, protect, rejuvenate skin tone and target deep wrinkles and advanced signs of ageing. This facial is super charged with Biomimetic Peptides, Caviar Complex, Pearl Extract, Peptides and Centella Asiatica.
This collagen stimulating treatment is ideal for skin that is showing signs of decline in firmness, hydration and elasticity levels. It's what I like to call the Rolls Royce of anti ageing!
BONUS - receive a complimentary file and polish on either your hands or feet, as hopefully the warmer weather is not too far away!
$115 90 mins

Please note, these facial specials are only available until 31st Oct.


This is a deep peeling treatment that may involve some down-time as the skin is treated with intensive strength ingredients to cause deep exfoliation and rejuvenation. Expect skin to be dry and flaky during this series of treatments. Best results are experienced when done in a course of 5 peels

  • 1 treatment $80

  • course of 3 treatments $210

  • course of 5 treatments $300


Before and after a course of 5 Age Reversal 50% Peel Treatments.